Working at AKTOR


Working at Aktor means:

  • Personal and Professional Development
    We place great importance on aligning organizational needs and employees’ career aspirations
  • International Career
    We value the international exposure of our professionals and support the undertaking of international and expatriation assignments
  • Multicultural Environment
    We embrace diversity and promote equal opportunities in a multiethnic context
  • Flexibility, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking
    We stand behind our colleagues who wish to take the next step forward by assuming a new role within the organization, offering them a choice between working across different disciplines or moving into a new, challenging, role.
  • Teamwork
    We believe in effective cooperation that enhances team performance, communication, coordination, mutual support and cohesion
  • Safe and Healthy Working Environment
    We are committed to creating safe and healthy workplaces within a safe working environment
  • Diversity and Progression
    We embrace diversity and promote equal opportunities. We act with integrity, promoting transparency and open communication