Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management: Business Excellence and Quality

The Quality Management System of AKTOR combines vision with realism and imagination with hard work. It is the first construction company of such magnitude to be awarded the European distinction "Committed to excellence" from the European Foundation for Quality Management in 2009 for embracing principles of business excellence. It is also one of the first companies in the industry to have obtained an ISO 9002 certification in 1996 which was later upgraded in accordance with ISO 9001. Finally, AKTOR is honoured to have received numerous awards for the quality of its projects.

With corporate-driven absolute customer satisfaction, our company constantly seeks the exceptional, in terms of quality, which is the result of implementation of a quality system that covers all business activities. All business activities are monitored and controlled closely by the quality system, which is structured in accordance with the latest national standards and country regulations regarding quality management system requirements.

AKTOR implements a certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System on all projects it undertakes. Each project is treated with respect to its unique nature and aims in expanding acquired experience. This policy is adopted by all our engineers and is monitored by General and Technical Management. It is in line with AKTOR’s objectives and includes commitment for compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System and its continuous improvement. It also provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives. Quality Planning in AKTOR is carried out so that it may provide for continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, through regular audits and implementation of the system itself, thus meeting all requirements of the ISO 9001 standard and the company's Quality Policy.

AKTOR’s philosophy in assuring and managing quality has been adopted by the entire staff of the company, even at the most remote work site, thanks to the active involvement of its employees, under the guidance and coordination of the Total Quality Management Department and the interventions of its accredited auditors. One of the employees' tasks is to find and highlight all possibilities of improving work practices and quality and the implementation thereof, while creative participation is encouraged throughout the project. AKTOR is committed to satisfying its customers' demands, ensuring that its personnel acquire an understanding of those demands, to the extent that each employee is involved.

This philosophy of AKTOR is passed down to its affiliated companies through their ISO 9001 certification, the accreditation of our test laboratories and CE accreditation of our quarries’ material.