Our People


Our People

As a leading organization in the construction sector, we are convinced that our success lies within our people. Aktor has defined itself through delivery of state-of-the art projects and in this context, our people who turn efforts into results are our most valuable performance driver.

Our employees are dedicated to delivering quality results, by making the most out of their role within the organization. Each employee either on the site, at a branch or at the head offices, holds a share in the company’s success.

Our specialized and highly qualified manpower is our great asset. We adopt an active policy of staff recruitment, advancement, support and training with the aim of constantly improving the delivery of projects and services in all fields of the company's business. The ratio of female to male employees is approximately 1 to 4, following the trends in the construction industry employee market. Over the past years, the number of our employees is continuously growing, while employee turnover rates remain remarkably low. These facts reflect not only the company's sustainable development but also our employees' satisfaction and commitment, and underline the strong psychological contract between Aktor and its employees.