Construction of TSMEDE Headquarters

Project Building Projects
Type Office Buildings
Location Athens, Greece

The new "smart" building of TSMEDE Headquarters was erected at "Klafthmonos" square, in Athens city center. It is a building with basement, ground floor, mezzanine and seven upper levels. The building is of conventional structure made of reinforced concrete. The buildings’ total area is 6.000m2.
The architectural design of the building anticipated the projection of the archaeological findings of the site. The building includes open plan office space, spaces for cultural events, multipurpose room, a two-storey canteen etc.
The building disposes BMS for the control and the operation of all Electromechanical installations, INSTABUS for the lighting operation and management, photovoltaic panels, firefighting systems, audiovisual and translation systems for the conduction of conferences etc.