M.E.P. Projects

New Doha International Airport CP94

Project M.E.P. Projects
Type M.E.P. Projects
Location Doha, Qatar

The Scope of Work consists of procurement, construction, start-up and commissioning of GSE Maintenance Facility, Motor Transport Workshop, Facilities Maintenance Facility Building, Facilities Maintenance Facility  workshop and associated ancillary facilities for the New Doha International Airport (NDIA)

  1. Ground Service Equipment (GSE) Maintenance Facility: includes a building with 2 levels of mezzanine areas containing vehicle maintenance bays, workshop area with storage, offices and staff facilities. An electrical power substation is to be provided.  Total built up area is 19,000 sqm.
  2. Motor Transport Workshop (MTW):  includes a building with 2 levels of mezzanine area containing high-clearance maintenance bays to accommodate large vehicles, workshops, storage areas, offices and room to house electrical MDB / EMDB equipment. Total built up area is 1,800 sqm.
  3. Facilities Maintenance Facility (FMF) & Maintenance Workshop Facility (FMW): includes 2 buildings with 2 levels of mezzanine areas containing workshops, storage area, offices and staff facilities. A security gate house and internal/external security checkpoints and an electrical equipment room are to be provided.  Total built up area is 6,800 sqm.
  4. Site improvements adjacent to each of the buildings and at the facilities shall include paved vehicle circulation and parking areas; sidewalks; car park and car park shades; shade structures; hardscape for landscaping area; site drainage, underground water supply, high-pressure fire water, and wastewater collection lines; and underground conduit and draw wires for underground electric power supply lines and fiber-optic telecomm/IT lines. Total built up area is 50,000 sqm.

Aktor implemeted the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of electromechanical works of the project.