Health & Safety

Health and Safety as a Primary Consideration

We believe that human capital is an important asset in the in the continuous growth of our company. Therefore, the provision for the health and safety of the entire personnel is at the forefront of the general corporate policy and philosophy of AKTOR.

In the context of continuous innovation for the development, reinforcement and enhancement of its international presence, AKTOR implements an organised strategy for the safeguarding of the Health and Safety of its employees and associates, always aiming at eliminating accidents and harm to health.

Since 2003, AKTOR implements a System of Health and Safety Management certified in accordance with the international standard OHSAS 18001.Over its long history, AKTOR has secured a top position in ensuring a healthy work environment, while many organisations rate the company as a pioneer in the protection of human life.

The Occupational Health and Safety Policy of AKTOR SA, takes into account the organisation and structure of the company and reflects a set of regulations that ensure best practices are promoted. The main aims of this policy are to:

  • Integrate health and safety at all levels of the company’s administration and decision-making.
  • Provide continuous information and training to the company’s personnel, on issues regarding occupational health and safety, so that everyone can actively participate in the collective efforts for prevention and protection.
  • Enable and support all participants in the implementation and management of projects undertaken, so as to nurture a culture of Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Evaluate and control risk, by adequately assessing occupational hazards and undertaking appropriate protective measures.
  • Promote the continuous enhancement of the work environment, as well as safeguarding our assets and the properties of third parties, wherever AKTOR operates.

In this context, for many years AKTOR has invested in technical and material infrastructure and in recruiting and developing competent and qualified personnel to monitor Health and Safety issues. In this way, it has created a coordinated network of Safety Technicians, Occupational Doctors and nursing staff, while also using the targeted services of technical consultants and academic institutions for the management, documentation and monitoring of specific issues.

In recognition of its contribution to promoting Health and Safety as a safeguard of the well-being of the corporate and social environment in which it operates, AKTOR has been recognised by both national (Greek) and international organisations that address the optimisation of working conditions.

As a market-leading company, we are committed to setting the highest industry Health and Safety standards, by ensuring that our activity conforms to the current Greek and European legislation, as well as to any other regulatory requirements and international practice.