Facility Management

Facility Management

  • Facilities management awards 2014

  • Athens International Airport

  • Hamad International Airport

  • Hamad International Airport

  • Hamad International Airport

  • Hamad International Airport

  • Photovoltaic Park in Viotia, Greece

  • Maintenance of Electromechanical Istallations, Athens Ring Road (Attiki Odos)
    Maintenance of all E/M installations, toll systems, SCADA system and the data transfer networks for Attiki Odos

  • Operation and Maintenance of Kakia Skala Tunnels, Ministry of Environment & Public Works/ National Road Fund, Greece
    Operation and maintenance of the Kakia Skala Tunnel’s E/M system

  • National Bank of Greece - Maintenance of 12 buildings

  • Hellenic Exchanges Group, Greece
    Operation and maintenance of offices and data center infrastructure

  • Operation and Maintenance of Aktio - Preveza Submerged Tunnel, Ministry of Environment and Public Works, Greece
    Management, operation and maintenance of the Aktio - Preveza Submerged Tunnel (including its toll system) in a Joint Venture scheme with the National Road Fund.

  • Services and Maintenance of Toll System, National Road Fund, Greece
    24/7 technical support of the North South Highway (P.A.TH.E.) Automated Toll System by specialized technicians

  • O&M Psyttalia Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • O&M Thessaloniki Wastewater Treatment Plant

AKTOR Facility Management (www.aktorfm.gr), is ELLAKTOR’s group specialized company in offering high level Facility Management and Energy optimization services.  

The complexity of modern projects, the time in which they must become operational and the growing trend for greater private participation in project production and management have led to new opportunities not only in the provision of services in the areas of project organization and management, but also in their maintenance and operation. The maintenance and operation of large-scale and complex projects may now be handled only by the most experienced and flexible of crews, offering a combination of state-of-the-art equipment and specialized staff. AKTOR's long history of involvement in large-scale projects and the company's insistence upon the continuous acquisition of experience and expertise mean that it is in a unique position to meet such stringent demands. Its executives are highly specialized in operation, its technical personnel thoroughly qualified in the latest of modern technologies and its equipment for project maintenance is absolute state-of-the-art. The expansion of AKTOR's activities in this area of services is a primary objective regarding future developments in the following fields:

  • Industrial Units
  • Energy Saving of large Installations and Infrastructure
  • Energy Optimization
  • Natural Gas Installations
  • Automation Installations
  • Data Transmission Netoworks & Automation
  • Tunnels & Roads
  • Intensive Courses for Technical Personnel on Project Maintenance
  • Hospitals
  • Large Building Complexes
  • Malls and Expo Centers
  • Stadiums and athletic fields
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants

AKTOR has entered into Joint business Ventures with public sector companies in the areas of highway and tunnel management, operation and maintenance (National Road Fund - T.E.O.) with the firm belief that this partnership will create business opportunities for both parties.