Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a major structural component of the strategy that AKTOR follows for sustainable development. It supports and facilitates the implementation and communication of corporate responsibility action plans by the Sustainable Development Department, aiming at enhancing the company’s social responsibility.

Initiatives and good practices for employees, environment and employment constitute the path to sustainable development.

For AKTOR, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development are defined by the company’s principles and the needs of society and interested parties, focusing mostly on:


  • Responsible Operation

    AKTOR has incorporated the principles of sustainable development into its business principles for project construction; the company operates in an exemplary way in terms of the quality of its services and the high standard of its workplaces and working conditions.
  • Environmental Efficiency

    The company operates with respect to the environment. All works or project implementation, operation or maintenance are governed by specific environmental guidelines and procedures for the protection of the environment.
  • Sustainable Development of Society

    AKTOR’s corporate social responsibility programme includes actions for human resources, for local communities in the areas of project construction and also for wider social needs.

    The company employs a large number of personel, helping to meet the needs of our society during the turbulent period of the recent years for Greece as a whole.